Smoke Project: The Shoot!

I MANAGED TO FIND the incense sticks, so yesterday I did the actual shoot. I changed my setup slightly (see below) so that my flash, the stick, and background were the correct distances from each other: -

Setup changed slightly

Setup changed slightly

Flash setting was on manual and set to 1/2 power. Diffuser flap was down to create a softer light as I didn’t want it too harsh. Camera was also on manual, ISO 100 (lowest possible), shutter speed 1/250 and aperture was f/8. I was then ready to shoot.

It was difficult to easily get focus on the smoke - you got to have patience for this! After about 60-odd shots, and a bit of post editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, check out the results…

It was a lot easier than I expected and I think they turned out pretty well. Going forward, I might try shooting with 2 incense sticks at once just to see what effect it has, or maybe some macro shots to really get right into the smoke.

I hope you enjoyed this brief series of posts. I may offer some of these as limited prints on a gloss or acrylic surface to get that razor sharp effect, so watch this space!