Photoshoot: Natanael Cassiano - Actor

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I was asked to take some head shots for a friend of mine, Natanael. Finally, after a few back and forth conversations in trying to arrange a date, we scheduled a shoot for 14th November. This was to be my first client photo shoot, as I had never done anything like this before.

Meeting at the London Apprentice pub in Isleworth, West London, we had already discussed what type of shots Natanael was looking for so it was easy enough to get on with shooting straight away.

Thinking ahead, I wanted a few black and white shots, and I thought a plain/clean background would be best to get started.


First few shots done, we moved around towards the river for a more interesting background. From here the shoot got a bit more challenging, as the sun was setting early and therefore less natural light was available. I left these following shots in colour, editing slightly to give a bit of warmth, contrast and vibrance.


The sun now almost gone, we moved to Syon Park to try and get the last bit of available light.


About thirty minutes after our meeting at the pub, the shoot was done! It was a quick “guerrilla-style” shoot (as Natanael called it), but we managed to get some decent shots in.

There were a few more ideas I had in mind… that’s why hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Natanael was great to work with. Very easy-going and relaxed, and willing to try different ideas. I would definitely want to work with him again if the occasion arises.